Thistle Ward at Newham Hospital


Rebbeca Thomson [] relates her excitement about this project on Instagram:

“It’s been a 2 year project in the works from when I was briefed as a student @csmgraphics to now. Honestly this was such a difficult project for my incredible vinyl guy @vinylprojectsltd this vinyl was the stickiest vinyl on the market once it’s on it’s on. Every door had to have the handles, plates and hinges unscrewed and every door had to be sanded, wiped and prepped. We had 14 doors with 2 parts( so that the hospital beds can move freely) and vinyl had to be applied to both sides. That’s a lotta doors and we had less that 3 days to do it. Every vinyl sheet had to have a window made to measure and cut out on sight. After all the vinyl was applied each door needed to be measured and drilled with a number and knocker both sides – before drilling all the handles, plates and hinges back on again to ensure every door was health and safety approved.
It is so incredibly humbling to work with people with such an incredible work ethic. This job was incredibly challenging and I cannot thank @darrell150381 enough for his patience and commitment to the installation of Thistle Street! On #worldmentalhealthday I sit here hoping that everyone is happy and comfortable living on Thistle Street. 🏠🏠🏠 “